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The cross-chain utility token on a multi-chain product ecosystem

Our Integrated
Cross-chain Ecosystem

Hypersonic Finance and the products, $HyperSonic, HypeBridge and Hypersonic Migrator are a part of the Supersonic Finance Ecosystem - A suite of products and services built to enable ease of entry for new crypto enthusiast whilst maintaining a feature rich user interface for long term crypto developers.

Consistently Locked Liquidity

Hypersonic Contract Address

Hypersonic Contract Audit

Token Features

Hypersonic tokens unique functions


Auto Transactional Burn

With this native feature, for every transaction we send 1% of our fee to the burn address. The logic is, if we burn an amount of token in every transaction, we will successfully reduce the amount of token in circulation after a short period thereby increasing the token value simultaneously.


Automatic Liquidity Pool

A consistent increase of the liquidity pool provides support for active token trading and assist in maintaining token price health. For a every transaction, 1% is automatically sent to the liquidity pool in BNB - Hypersonic Pair.


Supersonic Token Reward

Supersonic Token, $SSN is our utility token that serves as a means of payment for all transactions made within the Supersonic Finance ecosystem of products. Being a Hypersonic Holder means you will be rewarded with $SSN Tokens every 6 hours.

Hypersonic dApps

Hypersonic Bridge

The Hypersonic Bridge creates an opportunity to move your tokens from ERC-20 (ETH Network) to BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) or vice versa thereby increasing the scope of coverage and suppressing the supply on a single chain. The bridge works by burning your tokens in the source chain and minting the same value in the destination chain. We provided a liquidity pool on the Ethereum network to provide arbitrage opportunities to the investors based on price difference in both networks.

Hypersonic - Supersonic Pair

Since you get rewarded in Supersonic tokens, you may like to either sell your Supersonic for Hypersonic or vice versa. This is in place so you don’t have to convert your tokens to BNBs before you buy whichever you want. It works just like any token XYY/BNB pair on an exchange. The pair serves as a bridge between the two.

Token Migrator

Hypersonic V1 contract technical error faulted most of our launch features and prompted a fix for a new launch. We are doing so via a new contract developed and audited by top blockchain consultancy agencies. The Hypersonic Migrator works by collecting the Hypersonic V1 tokens (I.E, tokens held during first launch attempt) and returning a token quantity equivalent in the Hypersonic V2 tokens (I.E tokens in circulation for launch). The Migrator is a smart bridge between the Hypersonic V1 and V2 tokens.

Staking Pool

The staking pool on SaleX launchpad allows multiple stakeholders to combine their resources so that they get rewarded. Participants lock their tokens in the pool until they redeem it when the staking term expires. Locking the tokens helps prevent pump and dump, rug pull and also helps to increase the token value. Staking your tokens on the SaleX launchpad helps to minimize the circulating supply thereby increasing token value and encouraging investors to buy and hold the token. Stake your tokens, redeem them whenever you want and get rewarded with hypersonic and other tokens.

Ecosystem Products

The utility building products within our ecosystem


SaleX Launchpad

Our flagship and ecosystem lead product, SaleX, is a decentralised launchpad built for nascent crypto enthusiasts and native developers. SaleX helps you launch your next or first blockchain token in hours or less, raise funds and distribute liquidity through ICOs. We do this by providing a user experience and ease of use first design approach with a suite of cost cutting and revenue generating features and resources for project owners.


xCHART is a multi-chain platform which will be used to monitor charts and transaction history across board allowing users to access token history and manage their portfolios. Users can do fundamentals before trading with any coin on SwapX by making use of xChart as all coins listed on the Supersonic Finance decentralized exchange will have available information on the xChart platform. .

SwapX Exchange

SwapX is a multi-chain decentralized exchange, which services the conversion of crypto assets on-chain. It supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc, via the same interface. Anyone, from any country, can use SwapX as it does not involve any KYC process; anyone can list any crypto asset (native to a supported blockchain), without any form of vetting process.

NFTx Marketplace

NFTx is a decentralized marketplace built on the blockchain for the sales of digital collectibles. NFTx will add value to the SSN token as it will be used for transactions on the marketplace. Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs ranging from arts, music, to any other item that can be digitized and acceptable on the platform.


Hypersonic Token

Our Utility and Use case products within the Supersonic Finance Ecosystem


As a Hypersonic holder and community member, you have the power to influence decisions on proposals.


Stake Hypersonic token on our SaleX launchpad to earn more Hypersonic tokens and other tokens.


Use the SSN token for payment on our ecosystem and settlement with our payment partners.

Circulation Analysis

Total token supply in circulation on the BSC and Ethereum Network

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Circulating Tokens




Market Cap


Total Max. Supply



Our contract is audited by certik Security

Current Status



In a simple chart, this is our tokenomics


Private Sale


Staking Pool








DEX Liquidity & MM


Initial ERC-20 Tokens



Transaction Fees Breakdown

3% Reward

1% Liquidity

1% Burn


Here’s what we have planned for the near future


  • Marketing & Awareness creation

  • Website launch

  • dApp launch

  • BSC Testnet trading simulation

Phase One

  • Intensive marketing

  • Probit IEO

  • SaleX Launch

  • Coinmarketcap | Coingecko

  • Influencer marketing

  • 20000 holders

Phase Two

  • Celebrity marketing

  • 50,000 Holders

  • SSN - Hypersonic trading pair

  • Gate.io Exchange Listing

Phase Three

  • Listing on SwapX

  • 100,000 Holders

Phase Four

  • 150,000 Holders

  • Wallet tracker

  • More influencer engagement

Phase Five

  • 1 Billion Market cap

  • 80% of the Token Burned


If you would like to help push Hypersonic to its best, please send either Supersonic ($SSN), HYPERSONIC ($HyperSonic) or BNB to the address below



For live conversation with our teams and active participation in our growth